The Power of a Crisis

I always have hope when I see my clients come to therapy in the midst of a crisis. That may sound sadistic, but it is true. A crisis is definitely not the worst thing that can happen. It can be the catalyst for incredible change, because it is the occasion for incredible motivation. The couple who presents in the midst of the tragedy of a spouse’s infidelity is in a crisis. And, for the first time in years, the unfaithful spouse looks into the eyes of the partner whom he/she has offended and wounded so deeply, and sees the one who captured his/her heart so many years earlier. And in that painful moment, motivation returns. Desire surges. Hope is resurrected.

The woman whose despair has plummeted to depths of depression she never thought imaginable, finds herself in a crisis of unfathomable pain. And in that crisis, she comes to the end of herself, the end of hope, the end of meaning. And in that moment, she is most open to encouragement. Not of the “feel better” variety, but the encouragement that speaks to the innermost being and ignites the spark of life within the soul.

The man in the midst of the financial crisis that has all but left him ruined beyond economic description, stripped of his materialistic symbols of success, now looks into the mirror and sees a man whose life has revolved around the temporal and not the eternal, the peripheral and not the substantial. Now, he is ready to invest in the lasting dimensions of life--family, friends, God.

So, if crisis has come into your life or lurks around the corner, do not be frightened. This may be the first signs of change that will bring you into new and unimagined places of joy.

Dr. Heck
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