A Needed Reminder

We are well upon a new year and for me it has already been a challenging one. That shouldn’t come as a surprise after these many years, but I find the need to still be reminded of why I do this work and why Family Counseling Associates (FCA) still exists after 23 years.

The word that keeps coming to mind is
perspective to describe what we do and why we do it. People come to us in pain normally and they are absorbed with that pain with an emotional and cognitive myopia that does not permit them to see much beyond the present suffering. When we engage with our clients it is an opportunity to enter into their worlds and help them recover a new perspective, one that is filled with hope rather than despair. Few things are more rewarding than being able to bring a fresh light to someone going through a dark night.

We all get bruised by life. No one escapes this world unscathed by the wounds this life inflicts upon us. It matters little whether you are a rule-follower or a rebel. Observing the guidelines and trying to do what is right is always our ethical responsibility, but observe caution if you think that in doing so you will avoid the painful realities that come from living in a fallen world.

Jesus knew this better than any of us. Entering into this world as a helpless infant he sought to bring us home to the Father for eternity. Yet in his sinlessness he still was perhaps the most misunderstood and mistreated among mankind. Despite it all he never let it deter him from his life mission—to bring grace and love to a lost world!

My life mission has been to help the hurting and support the helpers. That’s what we do at FCA, not perfectly and not necessarily any better than others in our field. Thankfully there are countless providers who are doing the same work and doing it well. We are just one of many who attempt to use the discipline of counseling to bring hope to those who hurt and recover a perspective that extends well past any temporary pain.

May the love and grace of God bring hope to your world and may you pass those gifts on to the hurting ones you encounter!

Dr. Heck
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