The Man Behind FCA

Gary Rowe passed from this life to the next last night, shortly after 10:30 pm. A room filled with his friends, sharing Scripture, singing songs, reminiscing, and loving him dearly helped to usher him to those who would greet him on the other side of this journey called life. Some of you may not know that Gary was on our Board of Directors at FCA. For several years, before his diagnosis of cancer, he worked alongside us as one of our Therapists. He was a well trained and highly skilled clinician whose services were sought after by many more than his time would allow him to see. Gary and I met in the fall of 1974 at Cincinnati Bible College for Freshman orientation. When I returned to Indianapolis in 1991, it was Gary who stood alongside me and helped me through the difficult transitions of my life. In 1993, when the group I was working with took a contract with St. Joseph's Hospital in Kokomo, it was Gary who suggested I start a Private Practice. A year later, he referred to me a young Therapist, Kristi Thompson, who had served with him at East 91st St. Christian Church as an Intern. She became my first associate at FCA and that is when I changed the name of the organization from Joshica (named after my two children, Josh and Jessica), to Family Counseling Associates. He continued to make those same kind of referrals of professionals, not to mention the client referrals, and we grew to where, in 1996 we needed more space than the Castleton Christian Church could provide. That is when we moved to our existing location in Castleton. Around 2004 I entered into a partnership with some folks to build a new building to house FCA. As most of you know, that partnership ended and it was one of the most difficult episodes of my life. Gary not only helped me through it, he continued to stay connected to the other good people who were hurt in the breakdown. And you should know that through his efforts and prayers, as well as the prayers and strong faith of all involved, we have all reconciled from that painful experience. Gary helped me to grow and learn some valuable lessons out of my failure.

 Gary Rowe
Gary G. Rowe
October 9, 1956 - October 23, 2011

A couple years ago, Gary called me and asked me, "Tim, would you be interested in going to Haiti with me to work with some Missionaries?" It took all of 10 seconds to say yes to a trip back to a country my wife and I have come to love so much and Gary introduced us to some beautiful people with whom we and FCA still partners. Gary was a networker, weaving people together in relationships that impacted and still impact our world powerfully. He was a Pastor, a Family Therapist, a Clinical Supervisor, a Consultant, a father, a brother, a man of God who did not need to advertize his holiness, but just lived it out so beautifully that people were attracted to it. But for me, he was my friend. We served together, laughed together, ate Skyline together, cried together and shared life together. He will remain my friend and I am a better man for having known him these 37 years. I love you, Gary.


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