Your Career Assessment

This can be somewhat of an overwhelming process, but we do want to simplify it and take as much of the concern and fear out of it for you. A thorough Career Assessment is extremely beneficial when searching for that first job, attempting to find a new job or enter into a new field altogether to find great contentment with your work. We are pleased to be able to provide you with an appraisal of your interests, personality type, experience and skills through the utilization of validated instruments and a face-to-face interview. Upon completion of our report, you will be invited to attend one session to discuss the results of your testing and answer any relevant questions you might have. The entire cost of the assessment is $225. Please follow the steps below in order and contact me if you should have any questions or problems along the way.


Dr. Whitni Buckles

Step One:
Take the Strong-Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). After making your $225 payment through the online portal below, it will take you to the website for taking the two tests. Please give yourself plenty of time, up to two hours to complete both of the tests without interruption.

Step Two:
Please follow this link to complete a brief Registration providing us your contact information.



Step Three:
Click below to begin the process and make your payment and you will then be re-directed to the testing site. When taking the two tests you will need the following information:



Step Four:
Finally, contact our office at (317) 585-1060 (0 for Stephanie, our Receptionist) and set up your Interview Appointment with Dr. Buckles.
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