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For the couple who have tried everything…but nothing worked.



Sometimes the situation has reached a crisis level. One or both partners may even be strongly considering a separation or divorce. Every conversation escalates to a conflict and nothing seems to be working. While not for everyone, some couples are ready for an intensive approach to working on their problems. This can be as little as a 3-hour portion of a day, all the way to a three-day weekend Intensive with a Therapist and, normally, a limited number of other couples. Call today for more information about the cost, arrangements and format of this treatment for couples in crisis.

FCA integrates an empirically-based model of Marital Treatment into its work with couples, drawing upon over thirty years of solid research to help partners re-discover what has been compromised by the pressures and stressors of doing life. Whether you are just looking for an opportunity to explore ways to improve upon your satisfying marriage, intervention for a unique challenge you're experiencing at this stage of your family development, or even facing the possibility of separation or divorce, we are able to work with you to make changes and find hope.

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We do not claim to be so much experts on marriage, as students of marriages, studying relationships to discover what distinguishes the highly satisfied couples from the distressed couples. Through the utilization of proven methods, coupled with your motivation to find a better way to experience life in your relationship, you can rediscover the hope and joy that may have grown dim over the years.

Taking that first step toward seeking help is usually the most difficult of all. Not infrequently, one spouse is more motivated and interested in therapy than the other. Be patient with your partner and give him/her time and space to determine if this is the right decision. Our non-pressure approach typically helps all of our clients to feel respected and welcome in the process.

What is a Single Couple Marriage Intensive?

It is just what the title indicates - an intensive treatment for your marriage. It is a three hour session to work intently on your marriage. In some cases, the Intensive Treatment takes place over a longer period.

How is it different from traditional Marriage Counseling?

In many ways, it isn't. However, there are times that taking a week or two between counseling sessions can be both frustrating and weaken the effect of the treatment. By staying at the process for an extended period of time, it is possible the couple can push through the blocks that stand in the way of their progress.

What kind of couples are appropriate for an Intensive?

Although any couple can participate in an Intensive, often it is the couple in a crisis who prefer this method. The distress of the relationship has taken a toll on them and they want to find some resolution and do so as quickly as possible.

How much does an Intensive cost?

Each Single Couple Marriage Intensive is three (3) hours in length, although multiple sessions can be scheduled.

  • Three Hour (3-hour) Session - $500

How do I schedule a Single Couple Marriage Intensive?

Please submit your Marriage Intensive Inquiry and include your email and phone so that we can contact you immediately. You will be contacted by Dr. Heck and our Receptionist, Stephanie, for further instructions, including your payment. Due to the necessity of blocking out such significant periods of time for the Intensives, payment is required prior to the session. If you would like more information prior to scheduling, please contact Stephanie by phone (317-585-1060) or Dr. Heck by Email.

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