Marilyn Lucas, LMHC

After spending the past 12 years helping others in addiction/mental health settings my current passion is to see clients in individual settings where they are better able to dig deeper into their issues and get the personalized counseling that best addresses their individual needs.  I have facilitated a wide range of groups that includes IOP, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Woman’s, LGBT, and co-facilitated Domestic Abuse support groups.  I have also been providing individual and couples counseling.  I use the counseling approaches of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral), RET (Rational Emotive), Person Centered, SFBT (Solution Focused Brief), and MI (Motivational Interviewing) therapies.

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to make changes and grow positively.  These changes and growth are possible no matter what their present circumstances are or what their past may have included.  I do believe that some may have more work to do as a result of their past circumstances and past and/or present environment.  By changing a few simple ways of thinking and behaving one’s quality of life can greatly improve.

One of the main purposes of counseling I see is assisting the client in becoming aware of issues that may deter their growth and reduce their positive interactions with others.  I think many lack needed coping skills that can be learned.  I think it is very important to learn from one’s past experiences to keep from repeating those same mistakes in the future.  I think we all thrive better when we have a healthy support system in place.

I offer fresh and unbiased perspective.  My 12 years of addiction/mental health experience has allowed me to help others deal with a broad spectrum of life issues.  I am here to listen to you and work together with you.  I believe that by working to improve self, maintaining a positive outlook, being aware of what you think and feel, and by making healthy choices going forward that support your well-being your life can be filled with happiness and contentment.  The relationships you chose to be a part of will be healthier.

I bring the unique quality to work with a very diverse clientele and provide fresh insights into your issues.  I work to challenge and motivate you.  By making often only minor, consistent changes one can regain balance of mind, body, and soul while working towards achieving peace, tranquility, and serenity.   


Addiction--Underlying issues related to use /Effects on the Family

Coping skills



Relational issues


Self Esteem




Licensed Mental Health Counselor (since 2010)

Licensed Addiction Counselor



Master of Science in Community Counseling & Addiction

Indiana Wesleyan University

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Minor is Psychology

University of Indianapolis