Linda Bannister, LMHC, ATR, Licensed Counselor

Linda Bannister, LMHC, ATR, Licensed Counselor

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Personal growth is a creative process, bringing discovery and insight. I care about meeting you where you are today, honoring your unique story, recognizing your strengths and struggles with compassionate acceptance and trust. I have a positive and affirming approach to therapy and believe each individual has the potential to increase self-awareness and self-appreciation, increase courage and energy for making changes, and improve relationships that are important in life.

Together we can evaluate ways of thinking that affect emotions and notice how they are connected to choices and relationships. We can recognize patterns that can be loosened or deepened for growth. These insights can foster acceptance, and increase tolerance for addressing problems and difficult experiences. This process will increase understanding of how the mind and body work together to hold and release stress and find balance and peace.

I seek to approach problems with curiosity and openness, withholding judgment, with a view to learn from problems and difficulties. I approach spiritual life as a journey of listening to the voice of God who guides our inner life with acceptance and hope. It is with humility and respect; I offer my practice with grace.

I offer art therapy, which can help in expressing thoughts that are difficult to put in words. One does not need to be an artist to use art therapy, but a willingness to explore. Art therapy has the unique ability to unlock emotional expression by facilitating non-verbal communication. My theoretical orientation is both integrative and eclectic, meaning that I will be creative in the use of theories and techniques, combining different approaches. I draw from approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness Practices, Alderian (focus on community and belonging and from existential (focus on meaning is experience and phenomena).

For the past 4 years I have worked with children, families, and individuals, to build emotional regulation skills, identify personal strengths, heal from traumatic experiences, learn positive ways of emotional expression, providing support and hope for strengthening connections in relationships and making positive changes. I connect well with youth through playfulness and creative expression. I care about helping children and adults who are challenged by life transitions, stress, trauma histories, grief and loss, attachment difficulties, anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems (ie. ADHD).