Our Distinctive Calling

FCA providers see our work as a vocation of healing for the good of individuals, marriages and families. Life poses a challenge for all of us and most of our clients have been wounded through their lives. A therapist who approaches this work as a vocation sees beyond the symptoms, behaviors, addictions, and problems. She does not just apply theory, skills, and interventions to resolve those issues. Instead, the vocational caregiver has responded to a calling in which the client is seen through the lens of their inherent dignity, created out of love by a grace-giving God.

Our Mission

Established in 1993, FCA exists to help individuals, couples, and families pursue peace, reconciliation and growth through our behavioral care professional counseling and services.


After a few years off, we are happy to announce that Jennifer Wheat has rejoined our practice and is now accepting new clients. She is an outstanding marriage and family therapist who works with engaged and married couples and also offers treatment for women experiencing depression, with specialized training in treating postpartum depression.

Call our office or complete one of our Inquiry Forms if you would like to meet with Jennifer to discuss your counseling needs.


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Did You Know FCA Now Offers Secure Telehealth Counseling Sessions?

FCA now provides the option for clients in Indiana to receive counseling services through our completely secure Telehealth system. If you would like to see one of our counselors through this online platform, please complete our Telehealth Inquiry Form.



Dr. Heck’s New Book Now Available for Purchase

In the book The Liturgy of Marriage Dr. Tim Heck brings together the counseling experience of a seasoned marriage and family therapist with the teachings of the Christian faith to take readers on an inspiring liturgical journey that shines the beauty of the Catholic Mass directly onto the Sacrament of marriage. Discover in this book how to bring the faith home as you build your relationship with the “Rite” stuff. To learn more about the book and how to schedule Dr. Heck to present at your upcoming event, follow this link. The first portal will be a SECURE PAYMENT site, then you will be redirected to a form where you will provide your mailing information. Please be sure to complete this form and hit Submit once time!



Career Assessment and Consultation Available

Along with all of our mental health treatment services, FCA now offers complete Career Assessment and Career Consultation services. Dr. Whitni Buckles recently joined our staff, providing the full array of services to help you in finding a career path that is best suited to you and your personality or experience increased satisfaction with your current career. Her extensive experience in Industrial and Organizational Psychology makes her well suited to address the variety of questions, needs and concerns you have about your career. Call our Office (317) 585-1060 for a Career Assessment today or begin the process immediately by clicking on the link below!




The Gottman Relationship CHECKUP

Part of our Marital Treatment involves a thorough assessment of your relationship, using the Gottman Relationship Checkup. Developed from more than 40 years of scientific research, no other approach to relationship assessment relies on such intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information of why relationships succeed or fail.

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