Dr. Whitni Buckles, PhD, LMHC, Licensed Counselor

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I have nine years of supervised counseling experience and 10 years of Industrial and Organizational and private sector business experience that I bring to FCA. I have extensive, professional training in evidence-based methods in Counseling Psychology and in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as supervised clinical experience counseling college students, adults, families, and children. I have practiced in a church counseling setting, Christian university counseling center, secular university counseling center, outpatient mental health clinic, and in a juvenile correctional setting. I also have professional, supervised experience in both early career development, career change and reintegration and other professional and career concerns. My education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Counseling, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology. My doctoral specialties are in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Psychological Assessment, and Counseling.

I use a multifaceted approach to working with clients to help them achieve the level of functioning that they desire in many aspects of life.  My theoretical orientation in therapy includes both an existentialist philosophy as well as psychodynamic theories of attachment and object relations. My approach with clients also draws heavily upon solution-focused and cognitive behavioral interventions in session. Though I find there are a number of techniques that help clients in the counseling setting, I believe that the one basic tool in therapy that is pervasive in the entire context of counseling is the therapeutic relationship. By establishing this relationship with the client, the counselor is able to bring the here and now into the individual’s awareness where therapeutic work can occur. This attempt to understand the subjective world of the client is my first goal, followed by an effort to form an authentic relationship that is conducive to client work. In this environment, an individual is able to discover his or her own sense of uniqueness, freedom, and responsibility and is able to explore the possibilities of these ideas with the help of the counselor.

Each client, in my conceptualization, requires an individual framework of behavior, goals, and values from which to work, and I devote important therapeutic interaction to the enterprise of learning about the individual. Once I have a testable conceptualization of the client, I become engaged in actively helping the client change towards their desired goal by testing my hypothesis through various interventions that are individually tailored to the client and their unique situation. My focus on the unique qualities of the individual, coupled with specific psychological interventions with measurable outcomes that are designed to target identifiable behaviors and beliefs produces a therapeutic interaction that is grounded in theory but is as flexible as the needs of the individual client.

Professional & Career Concerns
Executive Coaching
Career Exploration: Early Stage Career or Career Transition
Career Testing
Women's Issues
Psychological Testing
Spiritual Issues
SYMBIS Facilitator

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Indiana)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Florida)

Ph.D. in Psychology, Specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Capella University, 2012
M.A. in Counseling
Ball State University, 2001
B.A. in Psychology
Taylor University, 1999